The market of High Tech Systems, including motors and generators is continuously developing technical solutions which are more and more acting on the edge of technology. The increased use of robotics is just an example of this.

This also requires innovative magnetic technology which is able to follow these requirements. By intensive cooperation during the design phase, Magnet e Motion makes expertise available to the customers to develop the magnetic solution which is required for the application and a secured supply during mass production.

Wave-form and magnetization control
(of Hot Formed NdFeB Magnet Technology)

Our solutions

Magnet e Motions permanent magnet technologies are very suitable for applications were miniaturization is a very important design criteria. Magnets with very small diameters, multi-pole magnetization patterns and different wave-forms can be produced and well controlled by using the Hot Formed NdFeB (MQ3) magnet technology.

Magnet e Motion

Magnet e Motion combines most innovative permanent magnet technology from Japan with expertise and market knowledge. This with the objective to create the most optimized magnetic solution for demanding applications in automotive, high-tech systems and medical.

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