Automotive/Truck Applications

To protect our global environment policies and legislations are becoming more and more important. As a result there is a strong focus to develop cars being more environmental friendly, to reduce fuel consumption and last but not least to increase safety. Due to this the automotive market must be highly innovative with new technologies. Cleaner and more fuel saving engines, exhaust gas recycling, start-stop engines, sensors and self-driving cars are only few examples of developments in modern cars.

Magnet e Motion can create the optimum magnet solution for a wide range of demanding applications in automotive. Below you can find a few examples of applications of Magnet e Motions magnet technologies.

Engine Compartment

For applications in the engine compartment severe requirements (f.e. resistance to high temperature, resistance to fuel and oil) have to be met by the permanent magnet. Some examples of applications are hybrid motors, water pumps, sensors, smart valve-timing adjustment.

Body & Chassis / Powertrain

Applications in this area focus on safety and driving comfort. Modern cars are electronically becoming more and more sophisticated. Therefore an increase in the use of smart actuators and sensors is noticeable.

Some examples of these applications are: EPS, ABS,
E-brake, DTA, ESP, Adaptive Front Lightning.

Fuel Supply & Exhaust

New developments are focusing on fuel savings and making cars more environmental friendly. Resistance to high temperature, resistance to fuel and oil and last but not least weight reduction are only few examples of requirements that have to be met.

Some examples of applications are fuel pumps, sensors, EGR, turbo.

Electronic brake system /
Brake by wire

For this safety application the magnet assembly with high accurate magnetic field is used as sensor function to control and monitor the braking pressure. It supports in an optimum way safe and dynamic driving, as well as energy efficiency and due to this a substantial reduction of CO₂ emission is achieved.

Magnet e Motion

Magnet e Motion combines most innovative permanent magnet technology from Japan with expertise and market knowledge. This with the objective to create the most optimized magnetic solution for demanding applications in automotive, high-tech systems and medical.

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